2017 Sunshine Coast Regional Events Calendar

Date Day Event Venue

15th Mon Beaver Masters DTM Buderim Scout Den
19 - 21 Fri - Sun Scout Leadership Course Dunethin Rock
21st Sun Beaver Masters District ARP Rocky Creek
26 - 28 Fri -Sun District Venturer Vs Rovers Challenge Camp Rocky Creek

9th - 11th  Fri - Sun Region Scout Camp Kingaroy Scout Den
19th Mon Beaver Masters DTM Kawana Scout Den
24 - 1 Jul Sat - Sat Camp Luii Rocky Creek
30 - 3 Jul Fri - Mon Tripple S BP Park

15 - 16 Sat Urban Challenge Brisbane
17th Mon Beaver Masters DTM Rocky Creek

5th Sat Joey Scout Jaunt BP Park
12 - 13 Sat - Sun Nighthawk Pitsworth
21st Mon Beaver Masters DTM Caloundra Scout Den

2nd Sat Skill-o-Rama Redcliff Showgrounds
9 - 10  Sat - Sun Region Cub Scout Camp Dunethin Rock
16 - 22 Sat - Fri Agroonoree BP Park

8th Sun Region Seminar Rocky Creek
16th Mon Beaver Masters DTM Buderim Scout Den
20 - 22 Fri - Sun JOTA / JOTI Rocky Creek

11th Sat Remeberance Day  
20th Mon Beaver Masters DTM Kawana Scout Den

2-4 Fri - Sat Noosa Venture Badgers Wood

It will be fun. It will be adventerous. It will be totally awesome.

If you aren't a member of the scouting movement you are still able to join. Contact one of our Scouting groups and they will help you get involved.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Beaver Masters District.